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Equipment Loans in Houston, TX

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Equipment Loans

Financing Overview

Equipment loans in Houston, TX facilitate the purchase of new equipment so that your business can keep operating in a competitive marketplace. Equipment loans can cover the cost of vehicles, manufacturing equipment, office supplies and even computer software. Whatever tools tour business needs to run, an equipment loan can help you finance it. Since equipment comes in many forms, equipment loans can adapt to the specific equipment needs. Whether you intend to renovate a commercial kitchen or just update the operating systems of your computers, you can find the right equipment loan for your needs. And when you do not feel comfortable with purchasing new equipment, you can use equipment loans for leasing as well. Leasing gives you the benefits of using the equipment without the need for upgrades or maintenance, which can save you some money.

Buy or Lease

Financing Options

Many equipment loans in Houston, TX use the value of the equipment purchased as collateral against the loan. Because the loan is asset based, and leveraged against the equipment itself, it facilitates the loan approval process, because it reduces the emphasis on credit score. Leasing provides an alternative. In this circumstance, the lessor owns the equipment. The lessee pays a monthly fee, but is not responsible for equipment repair. No matter what kind of equipment your business needs, you can take advantage of an equipment loan to make sure your business continues to thrive.

Equipment Sale Leaseback

In many cases, a business can sell its current equipment assets to a leasing company for quick cash while still using the equipment. This basically acts as a loan for the value of the equipment secured against that specific asset.

Refinancing Options

In the event that your credit score adjusts and fluctuates, you can refinance loans you already have for better terms and more favorable rates. This way, you can make sure you do not overpay for a piece of equipment you might eventually need to replace.

Equipment Leveraged Financing

Sometimes you can use your current assets to help boost your productivity. By taking out loans or opening lines of credit tied to your assets, you can redirect funds towards profitable enterprises and use the profits to pay back the loans.


Is Financing Right for Your Business?

Financing empowers your business by allowing you to retain cash for operating expenses while moving ahead on major projects. Finding the right funding is often about matching your business plan with the right lenders.


What Counts as Equipment?
So long as your business needs a certain tool to assist operations, you can use an equipment loan to obtain it. This extends beyond just company vehicles and machinery. Desks, computers, lighting and software all count when it comes to obtaining an equipment loan.
How do I Obtain an Equipment Loan?
Many different private and public institutions offer equipment loans. You can even obtain financing directly from the equipment supplier. However, to make sure you get the best loan options and terms available, reach out to one of our experienced loan brokers. Instead of making a guess, you can remain confident that you are getting the best loan options available to you.

Advantages of

Equipment Loans

Equipment upgrades help your business remain competitive

Come in many forms depending on the equipment you need

Many options for financing, including leaseback and collateral based loans