Accelerate your path to funding

Hard Money Loans in Houston, TX

Accelerate your path to funding

Hard Money

Lending Overview

Hard money loans in Houston, TX are short term, meaning 1-3 year, asset based funding. Hard money can be leveraged against an asset itself, such as the future value of a property you are upgrading to increase rental prices or to sell, or it can be leveraged against other hard assets. A popular type of hard money financing, commonly called a Bridge Loan, allows you to leverage your current property for a down payment on a new property. Hard money loans are interest only during the term and end with a balloon payment you can pay off with revenue from a property sale or fast turnaround deal such as fulfillment of a high value PO on behalf of a client.

Hard Money

How to Effectively Apply Funds

Many hard money loans in Houston, TX come with high flexibility, meaning you can use them to increase working capital funds, meet payroll, purchase equipment, buy goods on hand or raw materials, and even to purchase additional hard assets. The caveat is that whatever activities you apply funds to need to be revenue generating to provide sufficient income to pay off the loan and meet your target revenue goals. When a client comes to you and wants to purchase goods at a higher quantity than your buying power allows and with 30, 60 or 90-day repayment terms following delivery, a hard money loan could fill the gap. Your challenge is to evaluate the buyer’s readiness to pay and willingness to pay on time. If those factors are a ‘go,’ hard money can become a deal maker.


This kind of loan functions as a short-term financing option. Instead of receiving funding for the entirety of the project, the term loan would act as full financing for one specific section. The time between applying and approval for a term loan is usually only a couple of days.


This loan can really assist with an ongoing construction project. What begins as short-term funding morphs into a long-term loan after completion of the project, easing the burden of the repayment process.


The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers loans that can help small businesses begin their endeavor, including a new construction process. The SBA offers many advantages including low-interest rates.


Is Financing Right for Your Business?

Financing empowers your business by allowing you to retain cash for operating expenses while moving ahead on major projects. Finding the right funding is often about matching your business plan with the right lenders.


When is a Hard Money Loan Right?
Since they have higher interest rates, businesses should really only seek them when they need a quick boost in capital to launch a new endeavor.

Advantages of

Hard Money Loans

Fast and flexible

If secured, no need for extensive background checks

Can transition into long-term loan